Friday, 22 February 2008

Petty bourgeois Nazis

Bloody hell there are some horrible things going on in this world. Just for once I’m taking a break from banging on about the rich and what bastards they are, and sweating the small stuff; the horrible way in which people just off the bottom rung of society treat those they consider beneath them. That of course was how the Nazis worked; picking up all the people who had made a tiny bit of social progress and giving them full licence to dump on those below them (as P J O’Rourke said, the beauty of well-organised fascism is that it gives every piss-ant an ant-hill to piss from).

Social workers. (Or, as my friend The Exile invariably describes them, “social work filth”.) They may not be all bad – although I maintain it’s a branch of work into which only clag-brained thickoes go – but the fact that their doings are so often shrouded in darkness by order of the so-called “family courts” – bloody hell how George Orwell would have loved that name – means that they deserve every bit of shit which is thrown at them by The Exile and others. If some pig-ignorant drongo decides you are either too chavvish or too posh to look after your kids, they can be kidnapped at dead of night and disappear entirely into the murk of the secretive family court system. And these people defend all this with “the best interests of the children”, which of course only the half-educated drosswits, rather than the children’s parents, can decide on.

Sure, there are some parents who, usually due to drugs or other extreme personal inadequacies, are not in a position to raise their own children, but it certainly isn’t only junkies this happens to. Anyone who might have got themselves onto a social services computer, possibly due to inaccurate data input, is in danger of having their kids removed by force under cover of official secrecy one might think more appropriate to an anti-terrorist strike.

One of the things that set us Brits apart from most other countries is that we have a tradition of accountability; things that government agencies do tend to get reported and commented on in the press. Not so with “family court” proceedings – there we all have to keep schtum. Although it is – rightly – said that not all social workers are total kidnapping bastards, I’m afraid that until a bit of transparency is restored we will have to adopt The Exile’s view, and regard social workers as completely unfit for human company until we are allowed to know what they do and how. Until then – they’re scum. They may be able to read, but we're justified in alleging that they can't. Don’t buy one a drink. Ever.

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The Exile said...

My social work filth postings are archived here. Thanks for the heads-up - I think that this is a campaign tailor made for bloggery.

Your point about being too posh is taken and it is one that I had not considered, really. In fact the point about how the lower-middle-class don't just hate us, but also loath the public school brigade is also something worth considering.